With a business turnover in excess of 65 million USD, Capital group is the largest outdoor media asset owner, amongst large formats, within UAE with a market share of over 70%. Capital Group has grown extensively due to its diversified thinking and THINKING BIG. Our advantage is not only we own our sites but have extensive reach of providing large to medium format of advertising and positioned their media in all key strategic locations.

With rapid, constant and progressive development taking place in the region of M.E.S.A (Middle East and South Asia), we have made the commitment to contribute in the development and success of our city and this region. The Group is geared up and ready to face the challenges being offered at the cross roads of the region.

Capital Marketing is the advertising arm of the Group offering outdoor and indoor advertising in the form of hoardings, within UAE, for high-end clients in the following forms of media communications categories: Indoor and Outdoor. It is a highly service-oriented company in the business of brand visibility and a leader in innovative outdoor media & advertising based on strong technical capabilities, whether providing the most desirable media locations or producing the highest quality signage.

Capital Marketing portfolio of Out-of-home media tools includes a list of innovative technology and media concepts: ranging from giant scaffolding sites, rooftops, wall banners on busy thoroughfares to video advertising networks and digital billboards, shopping mall wall-banners, restaurant branding opportunities and much more. We aim to help brands connect with their target consumers in captive environments, such as retail, transit, entertainment and office locations.