Capital Group is a media communication company which has its interest in Out-Of-Home, Events and Sports Business. It started with having initial presence in Dubai, followed by Abu Dhabi and recently has crossed borders stepping in India.

Capital Group is a diversified group promoted by Mr. Manoj Bhojwani, who has set up many profitable ventures in the fields of Perfumery, Hospitality Investments, Real Estates and Fashion through his keen business acumen and ability to create wealth for clients, employees, stake holders in that order.

Since its inception in 2008, Capital Group has grown exponentially and has attained leadership position in UAE market and has established them in the Indian turf recently. Through our experienced people resource, we look at making a significant contribution in the Outdoor / Event / Sports environment in the markets.

The Capital World Operates under:
  • Capital Investments
  • Capital Group as a Media Holding company
    • Capital Marketing in Dubai for OOH business
    • Capital Events and Marketing in Dubai
    • Capital Marketing & Advertising in Abu Dhabi for OOH business
    • Capital Media in Sharjah for Fabrication and Production set up
    • Capital World Media Services in India
    • Capital Retail & Hospitality in UAE
With a business turnover in excess of 65 million USD, Capital group is the largest outdoor media asset owner, amongst large formats, within UAE with a market share of over 70%. Capital Group has grown extensively due to its diversified thinking and THINKING BIG. Our advantage is not only we own our sites but have and extensive reach of providing large to medium format of advertising and positioned their media in all key strategic locations.

With rapid, constant and progressive development taking place in the region of M.E.S.A (Middle East and South Asia), we have made the commitment to contribute in the development and success of our city and this region. The Group is geared up and ready to face the challenges being offered at the cross roads of the region.

Capital Marketing is the Advertising arm of the Group offering outdoor and indoor advertising in the form of hoardings, within UAE, for high-end clients in the following forms of media communications categories: Indoor and Outdoor. It is a highly service-oriented company in the business of brand visibility and a leader in innovative outdoor media & advertising based on strong technical capabilities, whether providing the most desirable media locations or producing the highest quality signage.

Capital Marketing portfolio of Out-of-home media tools includes a list of innovative technology and media concepts: ranging from giant scaffolding sites, rooftops, wall banners on busy thoroughfares to video advertising networks and digital billboards, shopping mall wall-banners, restaurant branding opportunities and much more. We aim to help brands connect with their target consumers in captive environments, such as retail, transit, entertainment and office locations.

Capital Events and Marketing manages Dubai Fashion Week (DFW), which is a 'By Invitation Only' fashion trade event aimed at bringing together major advocates of the fashion design industry. Twice each year, concurrent with the two annual fashion seasons, the entire industry comes together to present its Pret-a-Porter (ready-to-wear) lines to a focused target audience. The event enables fashion designers in the Middle East to collectively showcase the upcoming seasons collections to trade buyers (retailers, buying houses, distributors, wholesalers, agents, and potential franchisees), the media and individual buyers. The focus of Dubai Fashion Week is trade-oriented, wherein the clothes showcased are representative samples, which can then be produced in larger quantities and various sizes for sale through numerous outlets.

Under the same division, Sports business is being conducted to develop and manage the UAE Beach Soccer, based out of Dubai. The services include sports marketing and management, offering revolutionized client management, unique marketing across a diverse portfolio of team sports to the highest level possible. As specialized sports consulting organization we aim to provide efficient, innovative and dynamic player management along with vibrant solutions for the local and global sports industry.

Within the field of Sports, we seek to facilitate the development and progress of its Business Clients to international standards. The agency is outfitted with a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and an unparalleled level of experience and credibility. We look to deliver our clients tangible, measurable results targeted to achieve specifically defined corporate business objectives.

We focus on thoroughly understanding our clients particular needs, best practices, corporate culture and business objectives in order to implement customized, strategic and measurable sports marketing programs. Our approach to comprehensive sports management leads to enduring commercial and philanthropic success.

Capital OOH business presence has been expanded within the Emirate by opening a new division at Abu Dhabi, Capital Advertising and Marketing, for spearheading the growth within the wider geographic boundary of the Emirate.

With the expansion of OOH business and other related services to support the growth of OOH, we have opened our new division to manage and maintain the huge inventory under the control of Capital Group. This entity is based out of Sharjah where we manage the upkeep of our inventory with maintenance and fabrication being the main stay.

Our Indian venture, Capital World Media Services (CWM) was set up in the year 2011 with a single minded vision of providing cost effective advertising platform for the advertisers, clients and media agencies in the realm of airport and outdoor media.

With this, CWM seeks to provide a value for money platform in the form of Flight Information Display systems (FIDS) advertising units in the Mumbai International Airport in the both International and Domestic terminals. These 200 boards draws the rapt attention of the traveler, therefore, it is a medium that cannot be missed. With a combination of large impactful sites just outside the airport CWMS completes the advertising loop at the airport.

Starting with Mumbai we are looking to expand on the major Metro turf expanding our presence and visibility at Airports.

CWM has large well illuminated sites along the strategic Western suburb of Mumbai for clients to run their campaigns.

Currently it has its offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad. It is aggressively seeking to roll out in pan India foot print both in large formats within the city limits and the Airport.